Monthly Archives: August 2011

here i go…


this is my new beginning.

monday. this monday. i will be leaving for Bangalore.

i have about 500 things to do before that time, most troublesome of which, keeping my luggage to two 50-lb bags. my whole life in 100-lbs. as scary as that sounds to me the $150 charge will be a great motivator to trimming it down.

i’m not so much nervous about leaving my home, rather freaked out about trying to make sure that i get everything i need together for the long journey. not only do i have all of my personal effects, but i’m also traveling with a number of supplies for the school that are not as easy to obtain in India. given that organization is not my strong suit, i’m really just anxious to have everything ready to go and get on the plane monday without a hitch.

up until then, i’ll be packing, organizing, getting in last-minute friend visits, and generally stressing myself out. wish me luck!

*a note on this blog in general: my goal is to post once a month at minimum, though hopefully i’ll be able to exceed that.