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import: new announcement…


as anyone who has read my posts on here must have noticed, i generally neglected to write much to share with the world since about mid June. this was partially intentional since i have been working on something and did not want to place any undue jinxes on it until things were for sure…

well that time has come. everything is set (at least the official parts). and drumroll please (for those I haven’t told)…….. i’m returning to India on august 22, 2011. 

about half way through my time in India, i was realizing that Christel House was still having a great deal of difficulty finding special education teachers, they actually hadn’t found any. i had gone into the experience with a seed planted in the back of my mind that if i got the opportunity to stay, i would. i didn’t completely expect that opportunity to present itself, but knew it was possible since the special education department is a whole new entity to the school this year.
long story short. i accepted the position.

on arrival at home, i began working on my visa application and checking airline tickets. daily…

well, it happened. after a small hiccup with the visa outsourcing company, my visa arrived today stuck nicely to page 17 of my passport!

upon arrival, i took the next step of doing final research on my flight and bought my oneway ticket back to Bangalore. its done. set. holycrap.

so… i have approximately 1 month to prepare for my return, which should be the perfect amount of time to get in some important fixes in terms of food and activities before getting right back into the Indian life i already sort of started.

**fyi, my parents are pretty much good with this as its a much more ideal place to be than wherever the peacecorps would have thrown me… nothing against pc, but most friends and family are happy i’ll be guaranteed to be able to keep in touch on a daily basis if necessary.

and so, here goes….